Friday, April 25, 2008

Links From Random Thoughts

With all the talk of gas prices skyrocketing, and food/water/commodities following suit (because they are delivered by vehicles using the expensive fuel), as well as the recent passing of Earth Day, I found myself wondering (randomly) how much water courtesy flushes have "wasted."

If you've ever been the victim of a non-courtesy situation, you could probably care less and will flush that fresh water right back into the treatment facility it came from, just to rid the room of that decroded poop! (but I digress)

Although I didn't find the statistics I was looking for in my searches, I did happen upon a few slightly amusing articles, which I figured I'd share.

River raised 8 inches for Gore "rowboat" photo-op!

25 cents gets you a fully-clean AND fully-automated toilet op!

An actual waste reducer - now in Fresh Scent!

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