Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Need A Nice Wallpaper?

There are literally hundreds of great high-resolution wallpapers in this collection (788 I believe, to be exact). Naturally, it takes a while for them all to load, so you might want to open the window in the background while you're doing other things, then come back to peruse and download your favorites. As the old adage would have it, there's something in there for everyone, and I'm so sure of it, that if you HONESTLY can't find something you think is visually appealing in there, I'll give you 128 EC credits (I have the sneaking suspicion that my credits are very safe!).

Here are some of my personal picks:
(click any image to see a larger version, click again on subsequent page to see full size)

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Famous Last Words

via email:
  • I'll get a world record for this.
  • It's fireproof.
  • He's probably just hibernating.
  • What does this button do?
  • I'm making a citizen's arrest.
  • So, you're a cannibal.
  • It's probably just a rash.
  • Are you sure the power is off?
  • Yeah, I made the deciding vote on the jury, so what of it?
  • The odds of that happening have to be a million to one!
  • Pull the pin and count to what?
  • Which wire was I supposed to cut?
  • I wonder where the mother bear is.
  • I've seen this done on TV.
  • I'll hold it and you light the fuse.
  • Let it down slowly.
  • Rat poison only kills rats.
  • OK, I'll go ahead and make your day.
  • Just take whatever you want, this is a ghost town.
  • It's strong enough for both of us.
  • This doesn't taste right.
  • I can make this light before it changes.
  • Nice doggie.
  • I can do that with my eyes closed.
  • I've done this before.
  • That's odd.
  • You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses on, would you?
  • Don't be so superstitious.
  • Now watch this.
  • What duck?

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Here's another creature you never thought anyone would get a decent picture of. Trust me, this one is NOT a fake!

(click to see the larger-than-life original!)

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Latest Album

This upload was inspired by the repetitive emails I received containing these pictures. I admit they are funny and (for the most part) well done, but how many times can a person get the same email before going insane? I hope you haven't gotten this one, or it might just be your last breath of sanity - my bad!


(click to see a larger version, and the rest of the album)

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Monday, May 12, 2008

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