Monday, December 29, 2008

Deepen Your Camel Pose By Leaning Back

Further....further....   Ahh, now that's what I call a Camel Pose!

Most Appropriately Named Yoga Position - The Camel Poes (Pose)
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Maybe it's a little childish, but I suppose that's the mood I'm in today. Nothing wrong with being a kid again. :-p   Speaking of... Here's the Ugachaka Baby doing the Camel Pose.

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Most Fantastic Picture Of The North Pole?

North Pole Striped - Man With Conquest Handy
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Only Guaranteed Way to Make a Woman Smile

35 Carat Diamond Dowry Released - Make Women Smile! Becky Markley Holds the Wittelsbach Diamond - Woman Smiles Extremely Rare 35.56 Carat 17th Century Fancy Deep Greyish Blue Diamond
Click Each For Larger Image

The Wittelsbach Diamond is pictured above and holds an estimated value of £9 million (~13.3 Million USD). Christie's 'Jewels: The London Sale' held on December 10, 2008 in London, England, featured the diamond as an extremely rare 35.56 carat 17th century fancy deep greyish blue masterpiece. King Philip IV of Spain presented the Wittelsbach Diamond to his daughter the Infanta Margarita Teresa in 1664 as part of her dowry.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

4 Vehicles That Are Cooler Than Your Car

If your first thought was, "But I'm drivin' a '95 Ford F-150, and nothin' beats that!"

Well, you're wrong.

If you thought, "Only four?"

Well, these are exceptionally cool and easily beat what you're driving by a substantial margin, that's why they, and only they, were chosen for this showcase.

There isn't much else really to say about these automobiles, besides how awesome they are! Spectacles of modern day technology, these three cars and one three-wheeler are by far the coolest rides you'll ever have the opportunity to ride in. Enjoy the free picture show.

The Covini C6W - The Sports Car with Six Wheels:
"Burning rubber" in this car, could potentially cost you 50% more!

Covini C6W Silver Model Side View Covini 6 Wheeled Car High Front View C6W 6-Wheeler Sports Car Low Front View Ultra Cool Six-Wheeled Automobile Side View in a Parking Lot

All Hatches Open - Suicide Doors Reverse Hood Trunk Top View All Open Suicide Doors Reverse Trunk Hood Climb Inside Super Blue Interior Drive Away Quickly True Sports Car Style Bright Blue Insides

Engine Close Up Doors Up Front View Doors Open Rear View Six Wheels One Car Frame

Click Any for Larger View

GYM Car - Coventry University Concept by Da Feng:
The idea is that you can workout while charging the car!

Made For Batman? GYM Car Side View in Forest Coventry U Concept Silver Metallic Front View Da Feng's Workout Car - Tire Close Up Gym Car Conceptual Exterior - Rear Corner View

Functionality Diagram of Gym Workout Concept Car

Click Any for Larger View

Aptera - Electric Hybrid Car Capable of Up To 300MPG:
Working production models with estimated $20,000 price tag!

Aptera Hybrid Model Spec Sheet Aptera Action Specifications Sheet Shop Worker in Front of Aptera Diagram Second Shop Worker in Front of Aptera Diagram

Aptera Computer Model Driver Side View Hybrid Future Car Front View Aptera Hybrid Computer Mockup Side View Side View Hybrid Automobile at Sunset in Front of Plantation Home

Aptera's Lush Beige Interior Looks Cozy Side View with Doors Open - Take a Peek at the Driver's Seat Step Into The All New Aptera and Drive Away Cheaply and Efficiently Check Out The Electricity Outlet and Stylized Power and Break Pedals - Notice I Didn't Say Gas

Stingray Look from the Front - Very Stylish and Cool Factory Interior Electrical Panels and Modules A Look at the Engine and Converters Finally a Rear View of this Beauty

Click Any for Larger View

Piaggio MP3 - Three-Wheeled Hybrid ATV
Unlike other all terrain vehicles, this one is meant for the road (plus the wheel layout is reversed).

Hot Model Blue Dress Sitting on Piaggio at Carshow Screenshot of Available Parts for Piaggio from Online Store Stunt Operator Showing Off with Trademark Piaggio Front-Wheelie Beautiful Baby Blue and Silver MP3 Models - Ready to Be Riden Hard

Close Up of the MP3's Gauges Digital and Analog Speedometer Tachometer MP# Lever Brake Shifter Lock Control The Piaggio MP3 has Plenty of On Board Storage for Your Helmet and Other Stuff Full Featured Handlebar Controls - Use Them Wisely and Safely

Silver Action Shot - Taking a Turn Steep Turn to the Left Black Red Jacket Rider Taking Turn Rear View The Funnest Way to Carpool in Lovely Weather - See Their Two-Seater Smiles! Silver Piaggio Action Shot - Speeding Around Right Hand Turn

Closer View MP3 Rims and Tires AutoCAD Diagram Colorful Rendition of Piaggio Side Elevation Colorful CAD Drawing of MP3 Front and Rear Elevations Closeup of ATV Brake System Capable of Quick Smooth Stops

Click Any for Larger View

Wow, that took a couple hours! Hope you're all having a great start to this very chilly (freezing cold) week! If you happen to be Jewish, Happy Hanukkah!

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