Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can I Make Myself Lucky?

If you talk to anyone who is where they want to be today, someone somewhere along the way has told them in a cynical tone, "You just got lucky."

If you study these "lucky" people (it has been done) you'll find that most of them don't really believe in luck as many of us see it. They usually believe they can make their own "luck," or better, create their own lives. Just like it is stated in "The Science of Getting Rich," and by Robert Kiyosaki, it is pretty much a fact that you can make yourself lucky!

Another literal example can be found in the book by Richard Wiseman called "The Luck Factor." Inside, Wiseman (ironic name!) highlights four strategies of "lucky" people, and you'll find these strategies strewn throughout the web and literature when searching about creating your own luck. Here they are, quoted, for your perusing pleasure:

1. "Lucky people create, notice and act upon the chance opportunities in their life."

2. "Lucky people make successful decisions by using their intuition and gut feelings."

3. "Lucky people's expectations about the future help them fulfil their dreams and ambitions."

4. "Lucky people are able to transform their bad luck into good fortune."


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Lucky said...

Thanks for linking to Get Lucky. I've been hooked on "Luck" since 2004 when I attended a lecture series and every speaker mentioned that it took "luck" to get to where they are. I did some research and came to the conclusion that luck was made up of many ingredients including hard work and keeping your eyes open to opportunities.