Wednesday, February 3, 2010



I'm posting this consumer alert due to recent absolutely disgusting customer service, including the inability to contact the company for several weeks (until after I filed a complaint with the BBB - suddenly they are knocking down my door with responses). I have decided to boycott the uniform and clothing distribution/manufacturing company UMI Direct, and I STRONGLY suggest you do the same!

Be aware that although claims on their website that they will respond to all contact requests "usually within a couple hours," they do not respond to anything submitted via their website nor email, unless you have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau first.

At first I was excited to find a company that had my jean size, however, I (not so) quickly learned that returning the items would cost me shipping (to multiple locations), as well as an unheard of, 20% return fee! Keep in mind, they have a very strict return acceptance policy that they do not disclose until they return the item BACK to you as a refused return.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE heed my warning, learn from my misfortune, and save yourself the time, money, headache, heartache, high blood pressure, and frustration that dealing with this company has caused me!

UMI Direct Inc. Uniforms Manufacturing - boycott them at all costs. Do NOT buy from this company unless you're a glutton for punishment. I would say it's terrible customer service, but mainly it's their LACK of customer service that is so horrible! Honestly, do NOT buy anything from them!

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Joan said...

I am having a hard time with them getting the items that I ordered. The woman was nasty on the phone, my next step is to sue the company for charging my credit card and not getting my merchandise. What a set of jackasses! Now how the heck am I going to send back the merchandise? I will probably end up paying the entire thing back in shipping! Thanks for posting this, I wish I had seen this before making any purchases from them!