Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Need A Nice Wallpaper?

There are literally hundreds of great high-resolution wallpapers in this collection (788 I believe, to be exact). Naturally, it takes a while for them all to load, so you might want to open the window in the background while you're doing other things, then come back to peruse and download your favorites. As the old adage would have it, there's something in there for everyone, and I'm so sure of it, that if you HONESTLY can't find something you think is visually appealing in there, I'll give you 128 EC credits (I have the sneaking suspicion that my credits are very safe!).

Here are some of my personal picks:
(click any image to see a larger version, click again on subsequent page to see full size)

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Blogs4others said...

Those are really cool!

Thanks for sharing,
Christine Bean

Julya Lim said...

These are wonderful! I'll definitely have a use for these! Thank you for the link!

Blogs4others said...

Thanks for stopping by and dropping a card. I really appreciate it.

No, it doesn’t have a card, but it’s important to share a hug…

Christine Bean