Monday, May 12, 2008

Popup Blocker + Sound OFF = Ready To WIN

Winning over $1,000,000 is as easy as participating Free Lotto Games at Remember ''It’s Possible at 7Picks!'' Every single day you will have a chance to play each of their 7 lotto games for FREE, and your winnings are guaranteed because all Jackpot Prizes are either paid for by sponsors or protected by Insurance.

The sign-up process takes less than 3 minutes! Hurry, the next drawing will be held at 12:00AM (US - Pacific Standard Time)!

In addition to the 7 lotto games, don’t forget to participate in our monthly Grand Jackpot Drawing.

It is very easy to participate in the monthly Grand Jackpot Drawing. First of all, the more referrals you make, the more you will get from At, their mission is to give their members the best Lotto Games and Rewards possible. Each month, for each referral you make, you will get 1 ticket to put into the Grand Jackpot Drawing. The Grand Jackpot Drawing will be held on the 1st of each month, and the Grand Jackpot is coming from the Deal's Pool. The Deal's Pool is accumulated by a part of the proceeds from all the deals that our members signed up for that month.

Grand Jackpot Prizes:

Grand Prize: 1 Person gets 50% of the Deal’s Pool
Second Prize: 5 Persons, each gets 10% of the Deal’s Pool

*Moreover, whenever your referrals win a Lottery Game Grand Prize from, you automatically win 10% of that Grand Prize too!

As a final note, there ARE a lot of popup and sound ads, so just heed the words of caution in the title and you'll be ready to cash in!

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