Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Banned From Entrecard

a.k.a. sucks!

Well, yet another site is added to the suck list, as my account has been deleted from Entrecard. Graham, the admin claims I have been dropping on a site that doesn't exist, and therefore must have been breaking the TOS. Here's a copy of the message he sent to first alert me to the situation on Sunday:


It is my unfortunate business to inform you that you have been caught with your hand in the cookie jar, so to speak. You've been dropping daily on a widget that doesn't exist.

You have an ultimatum.

You can tell us how it is that you are dropping on a widget for a site that doesn't exist, and more specifically where. Most likely a widget farm of some sort, with multiple's people's widgets pulled and displayed on a single page. We'll thank you for the information and give you a bounty.

Or, we can simply remove your account for illegal activitiy and send you on your way, banning you.

Please choose the former and give us some information, otherwise we'll have no choice but to keep the integrity of our network intact.

It disgusts me that he claims he'd give me a bounty for reporting some whacked out page that enables cheating, when I took part in no such activity, yet otherwise I'll be banned. What a crock!

I sent the only explanation I could think of, for why it was happening, which apparently wasn't good enough for the monkey admins over there. Two days later, on Tuesday, I got the notice of account deletion:

Your account 'Something From Some Unfamous Body' on has been deleted. The administrator gave the following reason:

illegal drops

Please contact if you have any questions regarding this action.

So be it. I can't imagine they understand any legitimate reasons for why things happen on their servers. They are so worried about "cheating" because inflation got out of control (because their initial "plan" didn't work). They tried to stave off the inflation with a new pricing model, but only caused confusion and frustration, losing some of their major websites/users. They were able to kill 40,000+ credits with a single swoop (15,000 was from The University Kid's contest, and countless others were from Joe Tech's Slot Wins), and instead of just deleting the credits that shouldn't have been there from some server error, they deleted the entire account!

Good riddens Entrecard, R.I.P. (or not!).

P.S. If you advertised on my page, you'll probably have to message support to get your credits back because their system doesn't automatically resolve those things when sites no longer exist on their servers!!!

Happy Tuesday!

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SBhacker said...

I think the system could still be buggy and who knows, maybe you had a chached website you still saw the widget on even though in reality it was removed. Perhaps, their detection software didnt register the widget being there making it seem like you were breaking rules that you are completely unaware of, did they say what site it was?

Somebodyunfamous said...

that's the only thing I could think of, and I told them that, but instead of a response to try and work through it, I got deleted.

they didn't say what site it was...