Sunday, June 1, 2008

Need Some Nice Traffic?

Maybe you like Joe Tech's Ad-Slot Widget:

...but it has you wondering why you spend all day refreshing his page to try and win a text link that will be replaced within a day (for small ads) or a week (for extra large ads).

Plus, you know sites like Blogrush absolutely SUCK for any real traffic needs, and Entrecard is ok, but doesn't give you many options for bumping your traffic up quickly without a lot of investment (you have to build up credits or buy them, and the new limits really put a damper on any plans to advertise for free on a popular blog more than once a week!)

Introducing a few fantastic solutions:



There's a lot to be said about these sites, but I'll try to keep it simple for now. If you need traffic, you need to utilize these resources; they allow for site, banner, and text link promotion, and FreeTrafficLotto gives you the chance to win cash as well!

You can use the sites totally free and get great results, and "playing" for the credits is kinda fun and definitely addictive! However, if you're looking for a boosted solution, or don't have as much time to invest, you can purchase a "pro" account on either site, ridiculously cheap! With FreeTrafficLotto, you can get the benefits of pro for only $5 (the price of approximately 2000 entrecard credits - which would buy you only one day of advertising a single 125x125 on a popular site there!), and for $6.97 (introductory price only) you can get a "pro" membership on Traffic Bunnies. Something to keep in mind for those larger traffic flow needs!

Enjoy your new flood of traffic!

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