Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Excellent Ways To Promote Affiliate Banners

I posted recently about two traffic exchanges which are just about the best out there. However, I've recently stumbled onto similar sites which also give you cash money for doing the exact same thing!
Don't Surf for Credits Only, Get Cash At the Same Time!

The first is HitTactic: Hit Tactic Traffic Exchange
- The site is slightly slower than the rest, but since you're getting paid, you have time to wait. I usually open all my traffic exchange windows in tabs and just cycle through. I recommend getting a couple with short timers to fill space, and a couple with longer timers but better perks (like HitTactic) to ensure you're making dough!

The second is EasyHits4U: Easy Hits 4 U Traffic Exchange
- I can't say enough about this site! Great member base (65,000+), fast, great site coding, and even more cash per site surfed than HitTactic! They pay out through Paypal or E-Gold, which is a sweeping new concept where all money earned/payed is backed by a real gold standard (~just like America used to be~).

So check them out and promote your site and/or your affiliate links, affiliate banners, partner sites, contests, etc... today!

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