Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cary Grant. Who?

There are plenty of people in the world who still know who he was, but just in case you aren't one of them, you should definitely take a gander at his Wiki Page.

Words that stick out are debonair and dashing. Definitely a man who had his self and his style together. Few men have been more revered for their well-groomed good looks, yet Grant made it a point to be very cavalier about his appearance - rarely admitting to doing any exercise, avoiding make-up when on camera, and not being picky about having a particular barber every time. These ticks didn't make him a fan with directors who were concerned about their film's visual continuity, but it did help to endear him in the eye of the public for his "natural beauty."

And now you have a sudden urge to dress better and get your stuff together... but how!? Well, my friend, it's your lucky day!

Cary Grant's Secrets for Looking Great, Always

  • Buy only stylish conservative clothing.
  • - Grant's father was a tailor's presser in Bristol, and Grant always stuck with the well-regarded Savile Row tailors for his clothes. Of course, how much he spent, didn't matter as much as how great they looked on him. Because classic suits never go out of style, he was often able to wear the same suits for years. In fact, Grant usually had only a surprisingly small wardrobe of a few, mostly dark, suits.
  • Shirt collars and suit lapels can help overcome physical shortcomings.
  • - Grant was well aware of his minor physical flaws, and took measures to mask them. He had his tailors build up the shoulders of his suits (to hide his sloping shoulders), as well as modify his shirt collars and suit lapels (in order to make his thick neck appear longer and thinner).
    **Tip** - Thick-necked men should favor long, pointed collars and lapels, which are slightly larger than usual. While thin-necked men should go for spread collars and narrow lapels.
  • Good conditioning doesn't require a muscular appearance.
  • - A trim, well-conditioned physique and grace of motion are the keys. Grant wasn't a fan of push-ups or free weights, but instead favored swimming each day. Regular exercise helped him stay fit without building large muscles, and also attributed to his graceful motion. It's been said that his memorable appearance may more likely be because of his movements than his handsome face. Some of his elegance can be traced back to the fact that he was a trained acrobat, and could even pull off several tricks later in life. Additionally, part of his work history prior to acting, included "stilt walking" on Coney Island, which is partially funny because he was slightly bowlegged.
  • Don't fight the aging process.
  • - When Cary Grant's hair began to turn white sometime in the '60s, he let it go white. It's said that he felt if he dyed his hair it was bordering on dishonesty, but I'm not so sure about that since he didn't have a problem covering up other physical traits (read shoulder padding). He more likely was aware that obvious attempts to alter his appearance could have ruined his natural casual image. He would cover this by saying that desperate attempts to hang on to youth were unattractive by their very nature, and he was oft disdainful of fellow actors who had toupees or facelifts.
  • Have and display confidence.
  • - Part of Grant's charm was his ability to appear comfortably at ease in his own skin at all times. If you've got it, flaunt it, if not, fake it until you do!

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