Monday, October 15, 2012

Reaching Your Potential (Part 2 of 3)


Far more powerful than traditional goals, affirmations can keep you moving in the direction you want. Think of affirmations as simple statements you make about yourself in the present tense (rather than in the future). These statements will help you reach your goals because they are about you, not external circumstances or results.

Example: You've started your own business and want it to succeed in a big way. Instead of striving toward a goal, such as, "My business will net $500K in the next year," try leading yourself there with statements such as:

  • "My current negotiating abilities with vendors and clients are fantastic."
  • "I positively complete major deals with ease."
  • "I am totally present in my work and generate effective strategies with particular attention to important details."

When you make an affirmation, you create in your consciousness, the condition that you want to achieve. Once the mental reality exists, a natural inevitable process can gradually make it happen in the physical world as well. You transform your life by transforming yourself into the person you want to be.


Choose your affirmations wisely, make them clear and specific, and write them down! Committing these visions to paper is vitally important towards making them real. Additionally, for each one that you choose, ask yourself the appropriate questions from the following:

  • Does this affirmation represent a change in me rather than in the world?
  • How will this change affect others in my life?
  • Do I absolutely, without a doubt, want what I say I'm hoping to achieve?
  • Is this an image of someone I really truly wish to become?
These are important because the success of this method depends on committing yourself wholeheartedly. Imagine the consequences in vivid detail, knowing that becoming less dependent, more assertive, and more adventurous will change your relationships. Discussing your plans with family and friends can help you bring your visualizations into focus, therefore making them easier to create in your life.

Affirmations can be similar to goals in the fact that they work best in a six month to one year time frame, and with a selection of four or less. Few people have the ability to maintain the focus and concentration required to realize more than four affirmations at a time.

Another example of a good affirmation: - "I have great empathy for other people. My ability to understand what they're feeling borders on telepathy."


... Stay tuned for Part 3 to learn more!

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