Monday, October 22, 2012

Reaching Your Potential (Part 3 of 3)


To realize your affirmations, keep them rooted in your mind and work on them regularly. The most important technique is imaging.

  • At least once per day, lie on your back in a comfortable area (a bed or couch can be used if available, but a carpeted floor can work just fine), where you won't be disturbed.
  • Begin the imaging session every time in the same way, by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Let the inhalation expand your abdomen and your chest, while you use your mind to search out areas of tension in your body, letting each one melt slowly away. Thinking words like "relax," "release," "let go," and "peace," can help when faced with trouble spots.
    Once you feel fully relaxed, bring one of your affirmations to mind. Say it aloud, then take a deep breath like you did when you began relaxing. Repeat this up to five times. Begin creating a mental image of yourself and your life as it will be when the affirmation is a reality. As vividly as possible, imagine your feelings, thoughts, actions, and reactions when the transformation has taken place. Work your imagery down to the minute details of an entire scene.

    Example: Let's say your affirmation is, "When I work, I am focused, alert, and relaxed - my mind is clear and sharp." Create an image of yourself at your desk. Imagine the flowing, joyful state of mind where details fall into place and each complex problem gives way to your powers of concentration. Picture the smile on your face and the lightness of your posture. See yourself fulfilling tasks one after another and completing many with ease.

  • Act everyday, as if your affirmation has already come to pass.
  • How would you behave if you had become the empathetic, loving person you want to be? How would you talk to people? What feelings would you have? Just playing the role creates a space for you to grow in the desired direction. In other words, "Fake it until you make it," and you'll make it a lot faster.

    Example: If your affirmation is something physical, such as, "I'm 25% stronger and faster," you can't immediately make this a reality, and "faking" it could actually be dangerous. However, you can mentally make it happen by representing the change in your stance, walk, and how you approach people, as if you were the new stronger, faster you.

  • Post reminders in several strategic spots that you're sure to pass every day:
    • mirrors, especially in the bathroom
    • the wall along stairs or in a hallway
    • the refrigerator
    • your car radio
    Any small, brightly colored note will suffice.

    Every time you pass one of these "checkpoints," say your affirmation to yourself, silently or aloud. Practice quickly bringing an image of it to mind where it's already been realized. It may take a little time at first, but soon you'll be able to create vivid scenes in no more time than it takes to snap your fingers. Keep at it, and the images, words, and feelings will stay with you as you carry on with your life towards your new, assuredly assured success!

Whatever you do, make sure you start actually doing it! If you just read this article and don't put any of it into practice, it's worthless. If you procrastinate and never get around to it, it's worthless. Don't let your potential get away with never actually happening!

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