Sunday, January 20, 2008

Linking For Money

Although linking can be good for you, you have to be careful about randomly linking to a bunch of sites where you don't control the content. I read about this one blogger who (forgive me if I get any of this information skewed, I'm skipping my fact-checking on this one) had issues before, with a certain service which automatically created links to "relevant" content, and then his blog was Google-blacklisted because they caught his site with some unhealthy links on it. That would have been the death of many blogs, but the one I'm referring to was actually able to remove the service and salvage his reputation, eventually re-establishing his once-former glory. (Lots of hyphens in this one!)

WHEW, that was a long winded lead-in to a contest being run on where you can win money by simply adding a MAKE MONEY BLOG link to your blog. Any blogger who wants to earn money with their blog, needs guidance, and that is a great place to find some! Check it out, and even participate in the contest if you catch it in time because, with this one, the prize money is directly related to the number of entrants!

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