Thursday, January 24, 2008

Take From The Poor, Give To The Poor

With the national debt over 9,193,789,130,485.10 (9.2 Trillion Dollars!!) and growing at an average rate of $1.43 Billion Dollars per day since September 29, 2006 (source), how is THIS really a good idea?!?!

The State Of The World Today
Thinking about politics makes me wonder about other things in the world, so I think this very interesting statistical clock is appropriate to add here. The clock encompasses some of the more-pressing issues the world, and people in the world, currently face. Even though all the figures are approximations based on past statistics and estimates, which are then simply calculated from the beginning of the selected time period until the current time, it will really cause you to stop and think about where we're headed.

And to finish it all off, might as well throw in another SERIOUS ISSUE facing the world... UFO's! Multiple sightings in the small Texas town of Stephenville recently, have stirred up some interest. Check out the news coverage of the ALIEN SHIP SIGHTINGS.

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Anonymous said...

anything that gives me free money is a good plan in my opinion. i dont care if the national debt is infinity million dollars!

Somebodyunfamous said...

This is how I see it, but I may be wrong: they give you money, then raise business taxes/fees to compensate for the, now larger and more-quickly-increasing national debt, which in turn causes businesses to raise consumer prices...costing you more money. By taking the money and thinking it's helping you, you're actually screwing yourself. I wish I knew more about the bill to see how they are gonna compensate for all this "free" money they are giving away.

Anonymous said...

hmmm maybe you are right....not everyone is as happy about this as i was. my dad was outright pissed. he said "it is like a slap in the d*** face. we pay all this money because of gasoline prices and then we have to drive on torn up roads, and then its like theyre throwing pennies at us. i dont want the d*** money, they can keep it!!" so, yeah, i am hoping he gives his free money to me...but we'll have to see about that.