Wednesday, January 23, 2008

White Trash ~ Rednecks

Play on Playas!

At this link you'll find a couple pictures of the next generation being "raised."

And here are some pictures of what happens when they are "growed up." Some serious ingenuity here!

Redneck Rest Area
Redneck Riding Mower
Redneck Skiing
Redneck Tall Gate
Redneck Off-Road Wheel Chair
Redneck Guest Room
Redneck Cow Trailer
Redneck Jacuzzi Party
Redneck Traveling Motorcycle
Redneck Pimped Bumper
Redneck Border Security Solution
Redneck Coins
Redneck Dream Home
Redneck Scooter for Grandma - Incontinence Solution
Redneck Quality Aluminum Grill

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