Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So Many Sites To Choose From

You'll never be able to play them all in a single day! Choose ANY site to sign up at and gain the ability to login to EVERY site!

I know you'll find, like thousands of others, that you quickly become addicted to these games (the chance at a more than $1 MILLION JACKPOT has nothing to do with it I'm sure)!!

The long and short of it:
Currently there are two games:
1) Free Money Wheel - a lottery/lotto-style game where you can pick 9 numbers or do a "quick pick."
2) BANKO - a bingo-style game looking for lines, corners, and patterns.
- Keno-style game coming soon! -

They are completely FREE to play and give you the chance to win cash, up to the jackpot, which is guaranteed to be at least $1,000,000! Check out the list below to see all the sites where you can spin-to-win or go BANKO for bucks!

Netwinner also provides two great ways to maximize your earnings (isn't that what it's all about!?): Referral Bonuses and an Affiliate Network!
Last Month's Giveaways
Money Wheel&BANKO
Game Site Links

1) - Main Site - Netwinner Main Site
2) Prize Village
3) Free Money Wheel
4) Free Stuff Times
5) SSans
6) Anything Free4You
7) Free Stuff Hot Deals
8) Buck Fever
9) Freebie Free
10) Hairstyles Watch
11) Who Gets
12) Tree Free Money

13) Cash Monkies
14) Wickedly Chic
15) My Cash Honey

16) Mora Traffic
17) My Cash Safari
18) Froggy Funds

19) Baby Spot
20) Freaky Freddies Free Funhouse
21) BoX LoTTo

22) Make That Dollar
23) Canadian Free Stuff
24) Chillin Cash

25) Race 4 Offers
26) Wii Arcade
27) Mr. Cheap Stuff

28) Pocket Change
29) Mooo Money
30) Get A Free Apple iPhone

31) Win The Style
32) Frugal FUN
33) Reelin Cash

34) Lucky Diva
35) Just Free Stuff
36) Sunshine Rewards

37) Shop 4 Freebies
38) Treasure Trooper
39) Gator Gold Offers

40) Netwinner Canada - Canadian Style
41) Elevate - Magazine & Entertainment
42) Fabulously Forty (40) Games

43) Casual Gamer Chick
44) Quiz Points 45) Go Freebies
46) Ready Surf 47) The Tao Of Money48) Abbys Abbeys Good Stuff
49) Banners Really Work - Games 50) Kiwi Pulse - Heartbeat of the South - Games 51) Penguin Party Cash - Waddle Your Way into Some Cold Hard Moolah
52) My Cash Carnival - A Collection Of Fun Ways To WIN 53) Democratic Dough - For the Little People 54) Bankroll Bucks - Play for it ALL
55) Connecting Moms 56) Sweepstakes What Else Is There To Say? 57) Ultimate Coupons
58) GPT Tracker - Find the Best GPT Sites Here 59) Blasting Offers 60) Gridiron Greens
61) Halcyon Cash - Very Peaceful Golden Winning

Free Money Wheel Only
Game Site Links

1) PerfSpot
2) Free Money Games

3) Win A Loot
4) Deal King
5) Shop 4 Prizes

6) Lucky Wheel
7) Mom Space
8) Contest Hound

Remember: You'll want to make sure you verify your email address from the MyAccountpage to receive your prizes in a timely manner.

Verify Email Address After Signing Up

And as always:
1) There is never anything to download (play everything directly on the website)
2) Netwinner is ABSOLUTLY 100% FREE!!
3) Make Money While You Sleep - refer friends and neighbors! You get 10% bonuses on everything they win (cash AND points) and up to 500 points each just for signing them up!!! Or you can cash in on their simple affiliate program!

P.S. Don't forget, Keno49 is coming soon, which means more fun and more ways to win great prizes like these:

PRIZES and its partner sites are NOT gambling sites. You do not need a credit card or bank account to play and there are no tickets or entries to purchase. It's always free to play, so please help spread the NetWinner story by telling all your friends! Thanks, and good luck!

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