Thursday, February 28, 2008

Famous Coincidence Photography

Do you believe in coincidences? Some people do, some don't, arguing fate or providence instead. Whatever your belief, there are always events occurring that have never happened before. Often times, these new events can be seen in a humorous or ironic way, at which point a camera is useful for capturing the moment to share with others. Other times, a picture is taken only to realize later that something more than originally intended is exposed. Here are a couple pictures I received via e-mail today. Each one of these photos, like most wonderful pictures, is unique and great in its own special way. Enjoy!

1) Tire Iron(y)
Tires Tires Everywhere None To Roll On

2) Overheard Conversation
Nosy Nosey Statue Listening In To Phone Conversation

3) Jack and Peter Rabbit
Jack and Peter Rabbit

4) Bad Stamp Pairing
September 11th Airmail Stamp Mishap

5) She Thinks Highly Of Herself
Where'd The Sun Come From?

6) 3rd Eye Blind
Three Eyes - 3rd Eye Blind (cus it's a lamp)

7) Powerful Crane
Powerful Crane Carries Sun or Moon

8) Sit Here to Grow a Fro
Grow a Fro by Sitting Down

9) Secret Kiss
Accidental Piggy Kiss - To Kiss A Cop

10) "Take Me To Your Leader"
Take Me To Your Leader - Robot Microphone Eye Cyborg

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Leon said...

Pretty cool images.

JeanGrey said...

great collection of pics! cheers! :)

dyosa said...

i love the 5th and the 8th photos. so funny. :-)