Monday, March 3, 2008

A-Peanut-Buttering Drunken Friends

The title is the alternative to A-Salting Drunken Friends, which also happens on many occ-Asians I'm sure!

So I was perusing my e-mail in the normal fashion, weeding through the bland trite forwards, when I happened upon a gripping little non-verbal tale of abuse, on, you guessed it, someone's little drunken Asian friend. They did a great job of spackling his ear and eye sockets completely full, then basking in the afterglow of a job well done!

The poor guy gets it pretty good: duct taped to the bed and to the Skippy jar... pretty much everything short of a dunce hat. Enjoy!

1) So It Begins
It Begins

2) The Perpetrator and His Tool
Culprit Assassin

3) The Unknowing Victim

4) The Application Process

5) The First Taping
Duct Feet Tape

6) The First Overview
Eye Coverage

7) The First Pose

8) The Extra Ear-ring
Ear Spackle

9) The Completed Mission

10) The Fifth Amendment

11) The Last Overview

12) The Poking Test
Still Asleep

13) The Additional Posing (with accomplices)
More Posing

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