Friday, February 22, 2008

T.G.I.F. (AND that I'm not homeless)

In no way do I think homelessness is funny, in fact if I don't get a real job soon, I'll probably be right there out on the streets with them.

That being said, there ARE those out there, who haven't lost their sense of humor, and so I present to you: "The Top 11 Funniest Homeless Signs!"

You ask, why not "The Top 10?" And I answer, I have no idea...the email forward had 11, so that's how many there are!

Finally, I'm sure this is on another blog somewhere, with a different order, more pictures, and a catchier title about poor suffering homeless stiffs, but I've never run across it and figured it needed to be done.

Number 11
Out of Luck Need a Buck

Number 10
Drunk Gandalf

Number 9
Time Traveler Needs Flux Capacitor

Number 8
Poor Homeless Jedi

Number 7
For Beer For Wine For Whiskey For Hangover
(Translated: "For Beer" "For Wine" "For Whiskey" "For Hangover")

Number 6
Will Code HTML for Food - Homeless Programmer

Number 5
Positive Homeless - Will Take Verbal Abuse

Number 4
Poor Homeless Bill Needs Rich Woman

Number 3
Quarter Catcher

Number 2
98 Cents for Wife's Ransom

Number 1
Needs Money For Kung Fu Lessons - Ninjas Killed Family

After looking at those, maybe you laughed a couple times, or 'crack'ed a smile and felt a little twinge, like karma was gonna get you now - well, click a couple times and do something good for humanity, like feed the hungry, or help breast cancer research/survivors. (Updated: On a similar note with more links and a prettier layout, here's another LinkToUs blog post.)
I promise they aren't affiliate links. For every click (once a day per person I believe) advertisers will donate food, money, or other assistance (depending on the site) to whichever charity it's based on.

Or maybe you just want to check out more about the coalition to end homelessness?

Either way, what are still sitting around for, go do your good deed!

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Xacur said...

XD lol, Ninjas always win.

bluecrystaldude said...

Haha! Love those sign. Creativity certainly knows no boundary, or in this case, person :D


13th witch said...

hehe! that's something.

*i put u on my blogroll, i hope u don't mind ^.^

only for biz said...

tht ninja one was great....

would like to exchange links with you....


if you to interested .....then you can leave a comment

Angie said...

I'm a decent cook -- anyone know what street the guy that can code HTML is on?? :)

Somebodyunfamous said...

Nice try Angie, but I already snatched that one up; how do you think I keep my page so "fresh and so clean clean?"