Thursday, December 11, 2008

Funny Picture Frenzy - Web Comic Bonanza

Ice Cream Hat $24.49 Have a Very Maury Christmas Father Science Allows Freedom - Do What You Want Too Cool With His New Mustache / Moustache
Famous Thinkers Throughout History - Philosophy and its Best Philosophers Lesbians Being Lesbians Until Batman - Then Bisexuals Peter's Term Paper About Walt Whitman Is A Little Off Kilter FREE - Strips of Paper - Ingenious!
The True Terminator - Term-inator I Won't Eat The Silica Gel in My Shoebox Pirates or Rap Video - Commonality Chart My Lifetime Health Chart, Crux at Beginning of Bacon Cooking
Shave Your Unibrow, No, The Right Way!     Oldest Picture of Michael Phelps in Existence
(Click To See Larger Versions)

From the poopy Ice Cream Hat, to the first picture of Michael Phelps known to exist, this is truly an amazing collection of hilarious web comics. Some from Cyanide and Happiness and some from I'm sure one of them is probably from, but the rest, I'm really not sure. Great stuff though!

I hope they make you laugh as much as they did for me!

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