Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twittering Fool

So I finally joined Twitter, mostly so I could follow my favorite hypnotist and her live shows, but I've really gotten into it and am following quite a handful of people now. I come across some interesting links, pictures, etc... and thought I'd share a couple of them here. I was thinking of making it a regular segment here; we'll see how it goes. All links open in new windows.

PooPSenderS.com - This is the PG version of the website name. Someone ticking you off? Send some sh*t their way! Tagged as "The ULTIMATE gag gift," and "SWEET revenge at its finest."

Smiles Banned in Indiana - The State of Indiana says "Brush your hair and wipe that grin off your face...when you're taking your Drivers License picture."

Keepin' It Real Ads - Funny advertisement about the auto makers and the bailout plan.
*Caution* - Some profanity involved.

Heart Attack Roll - Bacon and Cheese, together forever, in your arteries! If you actually make one of these, let me know.

Artistic Grocery List - Someone had some spare time on their hands!

Hilarious News Clipping - Think about the safety of you and your dog, before you get caught up in your favorite porn.

Bum Fights, Now at Your Local Chuck E. Cheese - All it takes is one person with a video camera and two upset parents to start the next Internet phenomenon!

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