Monday, December 1, 2008

Parade Floats For Your Feet

In the seasonal tradition, many celebrate the holidays with parades. You might not know that the majority of all floats created (with balloons being an obvious exception), are made of flowers or other plant material. That being said, I found several "photoshopped" pictures of shoes made the same way (post-editing of course).

Here is a sampling, each of which can be clicked to view its larger version. Or you can go straight to the entire gallery of grassy flower shoes.

Classy Leaves and Buds Heel Woven Bamboo Hermes Mercury Sandal Leafy Stranded Flower Go-Go Boots
Purple High - Heel Made of Flowers White Roman Flat with Flower Straps Pretty Red Fringe Flowers Make Nice Heels
Click For Larger Images

Not the best photochops I've ever seen, but some pretty nice, visually appealing work overall!

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