Monday, December 29, 2008

Only Guaranteed Way to Make a Woman Smile

35 Carat Diamond Dowry Released - Make Women Smile! Becky Markley Holds the Wittelsbach Diamond - Woman Smiles Extremely Rare 35.56 Carat 17th Century Fancy Deep Greyish Blue Diamond
Click Each For Larger Image

The Wittelsbach Diamond is pictured above and holds an estimated value of £9 million (~13.3 Million USD). Christie's 'Jewels: The London Sale' held on December 10, 2008 in London, England, featured the diamond as an extremely rare 35.56 carat 17th century fancy deep greyish blue masterpiece. King Philip IV of Spain presented the Wittelsbach Diamond to his daughter the Infanta Margarita Teresa in 1664 as part of her dowry.

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