Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ever Fantasy Fished? ... For Millions?

I'm excited to announce the new 2009 FLW Fantasy Fishing website is now live and ready for you to stake your claim on the world's richest fantasy sports payout!

Here's a little Top Ten List for why you should sign up right now:

10) Tackle all the hottest and hardest fishing spots (including rivers and lakes) from Florida to California.

09) You don't need flies or some crazy guide for fantasy fly fishing.

08) Fishing reports from your inbox, not your livewell.

07) Your office chair will always be more comfortable than the one on your bass boat.

06) No lines to weight and no waiting in line.

05) You never have to bait a hook!

04) FREE to play and FREE to WIN!

03) Ace your bassing skills while jamming to Ace of Base! (A-ll that he wants, is another bass boat, he's goin' tomorrow boy...)

02) Earn money without wearing ridiculous sponsor uniforms!

And the Number One Reason to sign up for FLW's Fantasy Fishing Tournament is:
01) TEN MILLION DOLLARS in Cash and Prizes!!

Sign Up Now

- Background and Additional Information -
In 2008, FLW stunned all fantasy sports enthusiasts around the world by offering over $7 million in cash and prizes – including a guaranteed grand prize of $1 million plus seven (7) $100,000 cash prizes. The world-wide response was huge! So huge in fact, they've raised the stakes for 2009. Players from around the world will now compete for $10 million in cash and prizes.

For 2009, Fantasy Fishing is guaranteeing to crown yet another fantasy sports millionaire as its champion. Additionally, six other individuals are guaranteed to win $100,000 in cash by placing first in each of the 2009 six regular season Walmart FLW Tour events. Over 2,500 additional individuals will take home prizes like Ranger boats, a Chevy vehicle, ATVs, home theater systems, Walmart gift cards, trips and more. Further, FLW Fantasy Fishing will offer a $5 million cash bonus to the first player if they rank the top seven anglers in their exact order for any one of the 6 regular Walmart FLW Tour events. For 2009, FLW Fantasy Fishing is adding an additional $3 million cash prize called The Forrest Wood Cup Power Hook game. Playing the game is simple, just pick in their exact order the top five finishers in the 2009 season's finale Forrest Wood Cup championship and win $3 million in cash!

Throughout the 2009 Fantasy Fishing season, FLW's Player's Advantage members proved to have the winning edge. Player's Advantage members won at a rate four times greater than those Fantasy Fishing participants who did not sign up to become Player's Advantage members.
- Michael Thompson who was the winner of Fantasy Fishing's first $1 million cash grand prize in 2009, had this to say about being a Player's Advantage member: "My becoming a Player's Advantage member in the 2008 FLW Fantasy Fishing season changed my life forever in the most positive way." He went on to say, "I recently purchased our dream home on 40 acres in Minnesota due in large part to my becoming a 2008 Player's Advantage member in FLW Fantasy Fishing."

It's FLW's desire to offer as many players as possible the opportunity to gain the winning edge in playing Fantasy Fishing by becoming a Player's Advantage member so they are able to learn all they need to know about playing and winning in their Fantasy Fishing game. Therefore, they have authorized a change in last year's rate of $39.95 for becoming a Player's Advantage member, to be substantially reduced to ONLY $10.00 (one-time payment) for the entire 2009 Fantasy Fishing season. I strongly recommend that you go to to see for yourself all of the incredible benefits and advantages you will receive in becoming a Player's Advantage member in 2009 for the ridiculously low price of ONLY $10.00. Once you have had the opportunity to review all of the benefits and advantages of becoming a Player's Advantage member, I am sure you will agree there is no better investment in the world for $10.00 in giving you the opportunity to win millions of dollars in cash and over 4,000 incredible prizes."

But that's not all they're offering you in 2009. You can actually earn back your $10 Player's Advantage investment, plus thousands of dollars more by telling your family, friends and others about and recommending Player's Advantage at the special rate of only $10.00. Each time you do, you'll get a 20% cash reward on the Player's Advantage membership fee. Sell just five new memberships and your membership won't cost anything.

Fantasy Fishing is a fun and rewarding game and getting Player's Advantage is a must, so your cash rewards can add up quickly. Sign up 100 new memberships and get $200 in cash. Sign up 1,000 memberships and pocket $2,000. There are no limits to how much you can earn and we make it very easy with automated emails, banner ads and widgets.

I'm sure you'll agree - there isn't a more profitable website in the world than Not only do we offer you thousands of ways to win, but we also offer you the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in additional cash prizes by recruiting your friends and family in our new referral program.

Everyone at FLW Fantasy Fishing is looking forward to an exciting 2009 season and hopefully you or someone close to you will become the next millionaire playing the world's richest fantasy sports game – "FANTASY FISHING".

It costs nothing to play, so what are you waiting for? Go play now!

Good luck!

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