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Awesome Contests With Long Prize Lists

**UPDATE: Contests have ended - I wound up with a nice little prize from TUK, but nothing/nada/squat/zilch from WTW (BOOOOOOO!). Thanks University Kid!**

This post is gonna be kind of long, so be prepared. In fact, the contest lists are so long, you'd think it was some kind of long-list contest holiday! The two sponsoring sites are: The University Kid and Winning The Web, and both contests offer cash prizes! I'll be covering them in the linked order, even though the second giveaway ends sooner, because that's how I discovered them (and I can do what I want). So, to keep this from getting any longer than it needs to be (too late), here we go:

The University Kid

- Contest Prizes -
Wordpress Themes
- Two licenses for the Revolution Theme ($160)
- Two licenses for the Premium News Theme ($200)
- Two licenses for the Purple Fever Theme ($100)
- One hundred accounts to the Themes Club ($500)

Blog Utilities
- Three Licenses By ($90)

Blog Reviews
- One Review By The University Kid ($60)
- One Review By Yimto ($20)
- One Review By The WWW Observer ($35)
- One Review By Bloggeries ($25)
- One Review By Neotrepreneur ($10)
- One Review By Life Is Colourful ($40)
- One Review By DaBlogger

Blog Analysis
- Full Video Review By Marcus Hochstadt ($700)

One Hour Consulation with The University Kid
One Half-Hour Consulation with Neotrepreneur

Blog Advertising
One Month
- Two 125 x 125 on Wayne Liew ($30)
- One 125 x 125 on Blogger Noob ($25)
- One 125 x 125 on EZ Money Online ($25)
- One 125 x 125 on Affiliate Gossip ($15)
- One 125 x 125 on Rhyan ($10)
- One 125 x 125 on Jim Karter ($30)
- One 125 x 125 on Neotrepreneur ($10)
- One 125 x 125 on Life is Colourful ($30)
- One 125 x 125 on BLJConsultant ($5)
- One 125 x 125 on Resell Rights World ($5)
- One 125 x 125 on Viking Blogger ($25)
- One 125 x 125 on Dot Com Mogul ($10)
- One 468 x 60 on Blogging 4 Cash ($10)
- Five 16 x 16 on Blogging 4 Cash ($10)
- One 150 x 150 on Blogging 4 Cash ($5)
- One Text Link on Mr Javo ($7)

Three Months
- One 125 x 125 on The WWW Observer ($75)

- One Custom Done 125 x 125 Ad By Affiliate Gossip
- One Custom Done Sketch By The Pencil Sketch And Art Blog

Entrecard Credits
- 2000 Entrecard Credits By Xavier Media
- 1750 Entrecard Credits By Mixed Market Arts
- 1000 Entrecard Credits By Toast & Egg & Me
- 1000 Entrecard Credits By Affiliate Confession
- 1000 Entrecard Credits By Yimto
- 1000 Entrecard Credits By Site Hoppin'
- 1000 Entrecard Credits By Neotrepreneur
- 1000 Entrecard Credits By Affiliate Gossip
- 1000 Entrecard Credits By BLJ Consultant
- 1000 Entrecard Credits By Resell Rights World
- 1000 Entrecard Credits By Happier Life
- 1000 Entrecard Credits By Article Snatch
- 800 Entrecard Credits By Kirushanth
- 750 Entrecard Credits By Money Making Student
- 500 Entrecard Credits By Bud Calabrese
- 500 Entrecard Credits By Mr Javo
- 500 Entrecard Credits By ImpNerd
- 500 Entrecard Credits By Life Is Colourful
- 500 Entrecard Credits By Money Making Blogs

Total: 15,800 Credits
There is a plan to purchase 10,000 more which will bring the total to almost 26,000 Credits!

- SEO Book Donated By The Net Fool

- $100 Paypal By The Profit Hustler
- $30 Paypal By Viking Blogger
- $15 Paypal By Final Fantasy Fan
- $10 Paypal By The WWW Observer
- $5 Paypal By Affiliate Gossip

- $50.00 In StumbleUpon Advertising By Mixed Market Arts
- 300 Stumbles + 300 Reviews By Niklas
- Twenty Pages By One Buck Wiki
- Domain Monetization Package By Domains Earn 4U
- One Featured + Three Regular Links By The SEOTree Directory

** So there you have the first super-long list of great prizes. The University Kid is a well Dugg site that offers helpful and informative content about the internet, blogging, making money, affiliate mistakes, etc... The site has a great clean theme with some nicely designed logos, and it isn't burdened with ads so you won't have to worry about long load times or obnoxious flashing webvertisements. Overall, it's a great place to visit, and certainly worth adding to your favorite feed reader.

With over $4000 worth of prizes up for random grabs, there's no way I could pass up 6 extra entries by posting about it. If you want to know how you can get your entries, you'll have to click on over to the contest post - you'll want to do it soon because it ends on April 5th during a live drawing.

Looking at my current debt, I'd have to say I could really use the cash prizes, but all that free advertising would really help my blogging business in the long-run. Of course, a nice new theme for my blog might be nice, seeing as mine is awfully plain as it is (I have ideas how I'd like it to look, but very little coding knowledge, and I'd hate to screw something up and not be able to fix it). Then, there are the Entrecard Credits, which I could use for advertising OR sell for some quick cash. I guess you've figured out by now that I can't choose, I want it all!

Ok, enough daydreaming, on to the second wishlist:

Winning The Web

- Contest Prizes Summary ($7,695 Total) -
EDIT: The prize list is apparently ever-increasing: $8,695 at time of edit.
- $650 Cash from Azoogle Ads
- $500 Cash from PepperJam Network
- $250 Cash from NeverblueAds
- $200 Cash from BidVertiser

- 1 Full Conference Pass to Affiliate Summit East ($949 value)
- 3 Month Membership to Aaron Wall’s SEO Training Program ($300 value)
- 6 Month Membership to SEOmoz Pro ($249 value)
- 12 Month Subscription to RankSense Professional ($630 value)
- 26 Week Internet Marketing Plan from Purple Internet Marketing ($800 value)

- The Secret Classroom from Joel Comm & Next Internet Millionaire ($497 value)
- Autographed Copy of Kris’ Jones Upcoming Book on SEO ($20 value)
- Copy of the SEO Handbook 2008 from HuoMah ($10 value)

- 8 PSD Custom Banner Designs from Banners Mall ($275 value)
- 2 Exclusive Blog Themes from Unique Blog Designs (2 winners - $100 value each)
- 2 Revolution Wordpress Blog Themes from Brian Gardner (2 winners - $80 value each)
- Wordpress Coding from CSS Rockstars ($209 value)
- 1 License to Website Optimal Performance ($97 value)
- Blog Consultation Report from Jay Francis Hunter of Scribbles and Words ($90 value)

- 1 Year Membership to Hlola ($354 value)
- 1 Year Swamp Plan Web Hosting from Host Gator ($150 value)
- 1 Hour Blog Optimization Consulting from Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips ($175 value)
- 3 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on ($100 value)
- 1 Month Text Link Ad on Ades Blog ($90 value)
- 1 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on John Cow ($125 value)
- 6 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on ($300 value)
- 1 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on Affiliate Confession ($35 value)

- 3 Fast Passes, 3 Featured Statuses, and 5000 Credits from Entrecard
- 1 Paid Review on Winning the Web - sponsored by 1 Cool File ($100 value)

- 20 Winning the Web T-shirts (20 winners - $9 value each)

** And there's the second list of amazing prizes! The list may look a little short, but that's probably because every prize is really "up there" in value.

To see the fully "decked out," nicely organized list (with pictures!), visit the Craziest Internet Marketing Contest You've Ever Seen post. Don't delay, all the prizes will be distributed when the contest ends on March 31st. Even though the total prizes equal just shy of double the first contest, I'm a little more excited about the first one because there are non-internet marketing prizes involved. That being said, they are both excellent contests, which I hope you'll all enter. Remeber, the more sweeps you enter, the better your odds of winning.

Best of luck to everyone - may your websites (and bank accounts) expand exponentially!

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