Friday, March 7, 2008

Free Clicks Friday

I'll Click Your Ads
Say that 10 times fast!

I quickly dropped my 300 EntreCards (I'm faster than you!) for the day, and now I'm kinda just sitting around. I've wanted to do a quick-n-easy short post all week, and I had an idea for one that I haven't seen before. Plus, I want to help some people (they say if you help enough people get where they're going, you'll get where you're going - or something like that).

A lot of people have PPC advertisements on their site, I know you don't get much per click, but I'm willing to go through and click a few if you'll simply comment with the site address below. If you have EntreCard (I figure 99 percent of my traffic originates from there, so it's a good chance that you do), don't forget to drop yours before you leave (totally optional).

Feel free to comment about my idea as well, and/or tell your friends. I'm curious if there are any hidden drawbacks to such a plan. Let me know, and have a great weekend!

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Rich said...

Glad to be the first! Please just visit my site and have a look around.. no need to click the ads unless you are interested in them. Thanks.

SunEGrl said...

Great idea!! I've dropped my card and will continue looking around your site.


TheCuso said...

nice idea but dont click too much or we'll be banned for fraud. a couple would do, thanks!

Stine said...

The only drawback would be from the sites who don't like you to ask people to click... Which, in fact, you don't. So - great idea!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Hey are on my blog now from Entrecard!!!!

all the best,