Friday, March 14, 2008

Third Long-Prize-List Contest = Link Farm

**UPDATE: Contest is over - I won a set of Wiki pages and a banner ad, not too shabby! Thanks GMB!**

With my discovery of a third super-blowout-mega-amazing-"everybody's donating"-crazy-giveaway-"all sponsors linked"-"over-valuated prizes" Contest, I considered just editing my previous post, but I'd rather not keep them all together, and it would probably be more work adding strikethroughs and "EDIT:" notations than it's worth. So after this, I promise, no more posting of contests like this (in the next month) unless the prizes are all cash and a LOT LOT of it! This final contest is hosted by General Marketing Blog. It ends @ 5pm GMT March 31st so you don't have much time left to check-check-check it out:

General Marketing Blog
1 x Video Ipod
Revolution Theme
1500 Entrecard Credits
3 x 125×125 banner ads
3 x 468×60 banner ads

The www Blog
1 x Featured submission @
1 x Regular submission @

Mr Javo Dot Com
1 x Text Link for 1 month

2 Yrs subscription to Gostats Pro

Internet Marketing Blog
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month

Pro Blogging
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month
1 x 250×250 banner ad for 1 month

Work At Home
100 Entrecard credits

Make Money Online
2000 hits from
1 x 125×125 banner ad on

Making Money From Gaming
500 Entrecard credits

Oxidize Your Blog
3 x Featured submissions @
5 x Regular submissions @

The Profit Hustler
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month

One Buck Wiki
500 Wiki pages valued at $20 each

500 Entrecard credits

Blog Money Wiki
DVD of chromatic harmonica videos

Money Making Student
750 Entrecard credits
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month

Toast & Egg & Me
1000 Entrecard Credits

One Stop Shopping
500 Entrecard credits

DiggItLive dot COM
500 Entrecard credits

EYE EARN Marketing
200 Entrecard credits

Rumbling Lankan
Pr3 Blog Review

Million Dollar Portfolio
$25 Visa gift card

Wayne Liew Dot Com
700 Entrecard credits

My Blog Contest
1000 Entrecard credits
1 x 468×60 banner ad for 1 month
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month

1 Million in 365 Days
500 Entrecard credtis

My PPC Advertising
200 Entrecard credits
5 x Txt links for 1 month

Making Myself Extra Money
500 Entrecard credits

Ez Money Online
500 Entrecard Credits

500 Entrecard credits

1 x Txt link for 1 month

Scribble & Words
1 x 125×125 banner ad for 1 month
500 Entrecard credits

It looks to be a great contest with somewhat of a following/turnout so far. However, I really feel like the host added an extra zero to the total contest valuation (for more PR or just to be satirical of the other contests), because by my calculations there are about one-tenth the number of dollars represented by the prizes listed. On top of that, if you really had 11,000 dollars worth in prizes, why would "the star prize" be a single "Video Ipod?" Maybe I'm missing something (that happens sometimes).

For a little grumpier continuation of my current feelings, check out the noob's post about all these contests.

Look for a picture post later today, and thanks for hangin' in there!

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