Friday, March 14, 2008

The Internet's Ugliest Dog Contest

Don't worry, there are no rules, no prizes, and certainly no long list of sponsors!
The thumbnails may take a second to load, so try to be patient, and you can click any of them if you REALLY feel like you want to see them closer (to make a better judgment of course)! I suppose to encourage voting, I could use the winning scoundrel as my Entrecard logo for a week, but I probably won't.


1)   2)   3)
4)   5)   6)
7)   8)   9)
10)   11)   12)

And yes, I thought about putting pictures of Hillary Clinton or Janet Reno (does anybody even remember her - I had a hard time recalling her name at first), but I just couldn't bring myself to stoop that low. Besides, I don't think I could stand to look at those two for any longer than I absolutely have to.

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vkeong said...

Enjoy ugliest dog in the world? :P


Pisio808 said...

That is so unfair... Please put up Hillary, or Janet Reno, it would make the vote so much easier. I guess number 1 gets my vote though.


Somebodyunfamous said...

@vkeong - ya, I suppose that isn't very possible, but I like the sound of it!

@pisio808 - I couldn't stand to look at them, so you'll just have to imagine. ;-p Ya, number 1 is pretty darn U-G-L-Y!

Thanks for the comments!