Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Free Live Hypnosis

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Learn to be a winner, manifest wealth and happiness, think yourself thin, or finally stop smoking! Believe it or not, there are only a handful of hypnotists out there today with reputable sites and techniques, allowing you to actually relax while listening, without worrying what you'll be drawn to do later that day! I'm partially kidding there, since you always have free will, and hypnosis only works if you want it to. But beyond that, I do firmly believe the following:
    1) Hypnotism is a great method for controlling my anxiety and blood pressure, and
    2)Wendi Friesen is a great and knowledgeable hypnotist you will love.

Wendi has proven time and time again that her heart is truly in the right place, by consistently giving her seminars and advice away for decent prices, if not completely FREE. One example is her latest endeavor: WendiRadio, where she does hour-long, live, video-chat discussion sessions, five days a week (M-F at 2pm CST), often incoporating short hypnosis sessions to reinforce the material covered.

This week, from 3/3 - 3/7/08 she's focusing on the topic of learning hypnosis, so if you've ever wanted to hypnotize someone (including yourself), you're lucky you're reading this! Ok, so you have to work a real job and can't be at the live shows because your work filters streaming video and chat rooms...well you're still in luck because many of the sessions are saved in the archives for later perusal. This is also a great feature in case you missed something (because you were too busy dropping EntreCards like a good multitasker), or if you are just discovering her and now you can't get enough.

A few side notes, Wendi is a fully certified hypno-therapist (CHT), and seems to have picked up somewhat of a cult following, as the "MILF" of the hypnotism circuit (they claim she's a "hot" hypnotist, you can decide for yourself), so you'll probably run into a couple of her groupies at the shows. Don't let that stop you though, they are really nice for the most part, and sometimes also very helpful (and even certified) hypnotists themselves!

If you've ever even considered wanting to be hypnotized in real time, in real life, live and without delay, then YOU don't delay, head on over to www.wendiradio.com today!

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