Friday, March 21, 2008

Magazine Subscriptions For Cheap

Preface: This is more along the lines of what I would consider a "Full Featured" Post - A slightly-lengthier post, full of good information, linking to a great site, and including a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure. I fully intend to do more like this, as time permits. Enjoy!

There are ads everywhere on the internet for "Cheap Magazine Subscriptions." Most people probably don't even get magazines anymore, opting instead to get them online.

However, I know there are people out there, like me, who like having the physical issue in front of you, having pictures to cut out for various projects or to hang on your wall, and enjoying the excitement of checking your mail at the first of every month (or week) to see the new edition. If you're one of those people, or think you might be, then read on.

If you found a magazine site that didn't just claim to be cheaper (or the cheapest); one that actually saved you money over simply going to that particular magazine's website and subscribing directly; AND one that didn't have a catch like signing up for a newsletter you definitely didn't want... would you order from that site right away? I know I did!

When my friend told me about this site a couple years ago over the phone, I was doubtful - "Yeah right, I'm sure I can find them for less somewhere else, I've seen too many sites like that already." Curiosity got the better of me though, and he literally quoted the lowest magazine subscription prices I'd ever heard, so I checked it out and I almost fell out of my seat! The prices they offer (without a catch!) are so amazing, and you can save even more when they offer packaged sets!

The specials are always changing, like at one time, they had Redbook, ELLE, and Cosmopolitan, all three for a full year, for only $14.99 - that's like the price of buying just one of each of those, ONCE!

They don't seem to have any package deals right now, but what they do have, is a $4.99, almost everything goes, BLOWOUT EXTRAVAGANZA!(Let me know if the blinking is too obnoxious.) I couldn't believe some of the magazines they were offering for less than five dollars! To get a feel for what I'm talking about, check out the screenshots below:

For Women

For Men

(click any one to enlarge)

Although I don't know how long they'll have this special going on (HURRY up and get them while you can), I do know the usual price for some of those magazines (Muscle & Fitness, Flex) is around FORTY DOLLARS! That's almost a 90% discount!! I also know that Mags4Less will always have the cheapest magazine subscription prices! If you're still not convinced, I absolutely DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to try and find cheaper magazine prices from any site online!

Try not to drool too much, it's bad for your keyboard, just get over to Mags4Less today and swipe up some of these discounted deals before they're gone!

P.S. If, by the off-chance you're looking for magazines for a more discerning adult appetite, they have a section for that as well (see the "Mature Audience/ Adult" category in their sidebar).

search their site for cheap mag subscriptions

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